DEWILDED is an anagram of Ed de Wild (1972), artist and architect based in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region.

Born and raised in the small village of Leusden. Son of a carpenter, who instilled in him a love of building and construction. After working as a construction worker for a few years, he had to join the army during his service. He voluntarily chose to be deployed to central Bosnia in 1993, where he served as Corporal with the 1st NL/BE Transport Battalion.

He then chose to study architectural design at the Utrecht School of the Arts, where he graduated cum laude in 1999.

He obtained his Master of Architecture at the Amsterdam School of the Arts (HKA) in 2005.

After working for decades for renowned Amsterdam architects and interior architects (such as Benthem Crouwel Architects and RAU), he ended up in a burnout caused by PTSD in 2017. He turned the helm once again and freed himself from the straitjacket in which he had grown. Now married and a father of three, he decided he wanted to focus more on things that really matter. He embarked on a search for meaning and universal values through art.

His new life as an independent visual artist began with two successful exhibitions of a first series of reliefs on landscape, archeology and imagination.

The work as an independent architect was difficult to combine with the autonomous work.
That is why he now works as an architect together with Sebastiaan Addis. This allows him to devide his attention more effectively.

Since then his work has shifted further and further from the architectural to the autonomous. It's still characterized by a great presence of structure in space and time, but it also stimulates the imagination, in search of an existential and universal truth.

Since 2019 he rented a studio at the Beverwijk creative collective 'Studio O', where he fulfilled many additional functions and realized a community garden in 2022. Due to all these activities, his own work lacked attention and he decided last year not to continue with the collective.

This year he started building his own studio in his allotment garden in Velsen-Noord. In this garden studio he thinks he will find peace and space for new work, which will shape his search for the existential and universal values of humanity in many different ways.

This summer he will participate in the artist manifestation 'Klifhanger' in den Hoorn on the island of Texel. Where, just like with the previous edition, he will create a land art installation.