The fieldworks log

The fieldworks log

Music director David Dramm Performed by Splendor

The general purpose of a log is that it can be read later what exactly happened at a certain moment. At the moment of recording, it is therefore not yet known what people want to read later. In this logbook, however, the events are not fixed or in chronological order.Your own imagination will have to make the connections.

In collaboration with various Splendor musicians and with a composition by

David Dramm, a special look and listening experience has been created in which my landscapes play the main role. An experience where music and art take you to a place where all logic in time and space is lacking and the imagination reigns.

The premiere of the log is also the opening of the exposition

'the fieldworks' and will take place on Sunday afternoon June 24 at 3:00 PM, 4:30

PM and 6:00 PM. There is a limited number of places available for this event. For reservations see the Splendor agenda.During the premiere, the music will be played live by  Splendor musicians.  Afterwards you can view my landscapes in the great hall.

Recordings of the log (?!) can also be experienced during the expostion. But the event has significantly much value in the experience.