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Splendor Amsterdam

I am the architect who has shaped the transformation and restoration of the former bathhouse into Splendor.

From the very beginning, friend Wilmar de Visser had involved me in the realization of Splendor. The realization of the music building and the entire path to it was very special for me. Working together with the musicians and the craftsmen who carried out the renovation was sometimes complicated but always in good harmony. I am still proud of what we have achieved with a joint effort. Splendor has always been a hot bath for me to return to.

At the end of last year I visited Splendor and told about my change of course in life. I asked if I could possibly exhibit in Splendor. They really wanted to do that, especially in the light of the five-year anniversary. Hence this exposition. During the exposition I will make a permanent work in the main hall, which will perpetuate our relationship once and for all.