On the occasion of 'Open Monuments' Saturday 8 and Sunday, September 9th, 2018 I did an exhibition of my work in the Monumental 'Dorpskerk' of Wijk aan Zee.

Because of the overall theme 'in Europe' which is very important to me, I presented my work in an installation that I called 'No Man's Land'. No man's land is the land where the imagination reigns, that nobody can claim and where no one can be excluded. 

The fieldworks

The 'fieldworks' exposition lasted from Tuesday 26 June to Friday 6 July 2018 in the music club Splendor in Amsterdam.

Dureing the expostion I worked on a permanent wall relief. Which is still to be seen at the main hall during concerts.

DEWILDED gets exposed

See where my work is exposed and where we can meet.

There no expostions planned. If you you want to have a look in my studio, your welcome.

Previous exhibitions

On to no man's land

8 and 9 September Dorpskerk Wijk aan Zee